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Unique Cocktail Creation

This is the absolute perfect gift for any cocktail lover:
I will create a brand new cocktail recipe for you or your loved one, based on your input!

Unique Cocktail Creation

The perfect gift for any cocktail enthusiast: A recipe for a completely unique cocktail creation, based on your input!


After purchasing, I will get in touch within 24 hours and we will discuss your wishes via email:

Is it for yourself, or for a loved one? Or maybe for a bride and/or groom?

What is the desired flavour profile? Just as sweet as your girlfriend?

Or maybe fresh and fruity, perfect for celebrating a new career?

Is there a particular distillate or liqueur that you, he or she like(s) the most?


Based on your input, I will create a unique and delicious cocktail.


This will take the necessary research, purchase of ingredients and labour, but the recipe will be sent to you within 7 days.

You will receive the recipe and instructions on how to make the cocktail on a beautiful 200 grams linen-structured A4 paper in an envelope with a board back to prevent folding and creasing.


Enjoy making your own unique cocktail!

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